Thursday, October 19, 2006


10. Image generators! This is fun. Its amazing what you can find on the internet. With these generators you could make b'day cards , invitations and lots of other things, even use them for scrapblogging hehe ;)
With my images i found a site on the internet that lists heapsssss of image generators. Click here to view site. The trading card and magazine cover was also done with an image generator. Even Mizz Librarian herself was made up from scratch :)

11. Library thing
This could be usefull for cataloguing my own books at home(if i had the time). I think this site is good for making a list of all the books you want to read(online holds list) Another idea is to list all the books you have read, depending on what titles they have on the sytstem.
My list of books. Ive only put 5 down but i'll keep adding more. Another good thing about library thing, you can see who else has the same books on their list and you can search other peoples catalogue. Cool hey!

12. Rollyo Sounds like some sort of rap artist or song hehe.Anyway..... This site is pretty much like having your own personal Google. For instance if you want to search for sites to do with scrapbooking, you can make your own search string and add on sites. If someone else searches for this your search string will come up and they can add that to their rollyo search.
To be honest it all sounds confusing, well to me is does but once you create your account and start playing around with rollyo you will get the hang of it. I guess to me it's like having google and bookmarks all in one account.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


8 & 9
I have set up my bloglines account and subscribed to a few feeds.
Click here to see my feeds!
I have also joined newsgator which is another site for subscribing to your favorite feeds.
The good thing about RSS feeds is that you don't need to open up screens and screens to check out your sites you regulary visit. You can also search within bloglines and find out what other sites you can subscribe to.
Most sited you visit will have a symbol for RSS feeds and this is how you know that you can subscribe to that site.
I think searching within bloglines or which ever site you have account with is the easiest way. OR you can go to google and search that way as well and then add that to your list whn you log in to bloglines.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


5. Flickr time. Ive managed to set up my account with them and put up some pictures of lalor library. My flickr address is under lalor library, so maybe you can search for it and see my pics.
To the left i have a pic of some windmills in Mykonos. I went on a contiki tour in 2005 and visited 11 countries in 11 days! and the worst thing it was by bus, so you can imagine how tiring that would be. All worth it though , especially when i look at the beautiful pictures i took.(ill keep adding more since i know how to now :)

6. This was fun! Using yoru own pictures in flickr or any pictures found on the internet, you can make some funky designs to your own pictures. Here's a couple i did of lalor library. I made a trading card, magazine cover and a mosaic of my pictures. I used fd's flickr toys to help me find some interesting mashups.

7. Just before this program started i had a hobby , scrapbooking. Well i must tell you that's sortof on hold for the moment. Lack of motivation, BUT i found a site that combined both scrapbooking and blogging. How cool!

Scrapblog ,I am a member of this webiste and i havn't logged in for a while but when i did today i found out that they have updated their site and now you need to be INVITED to use it. Luckily i still have my previous account and i can see what they have done to improve this site.

The good thing about this blog is that you can edit all your pics and blog about them at the same time. It's great for those who love pictures. I have heaps of pics at home and now with digital cameras i don't need to scan anything i just upload my picture and then transform it to my desire. You can also import your photos from Flickr.

It uses a program(scrapblog builder) that has many designs to create the perfect scrapblog of your pictures. It's free and all you need it to downloand the scrapblog builder(it's a web based application) and have your pics ready.

Here's an example of my amateur scrapblog picture. CLICK HERE


Tuesday, October 10, 2006


3. Setting up a blog. Well here i am using my blog which i have set up. Like most things the more you learn about something the more you enjoy it. The only thing i new about blogs was that it was like an online diary for everyone to read, but now after using it and reading more about it i know it can be used to promote so many other things than personal tellings.

4. Well we can't register on the official site for learning 2.0 but i have registered for the program through the intranet at YPRL.

I guess all the introductions have been done and it's time to move on and have some fun.