Sunday, November 12, 2006


20. Youtube
Well, what do you know! youtube is down. I did get a chance to look at it previously and i had a look for some videos. It's not too bad, I guess its great for music lovers. The one thing i don't like is that anyone can put anything on there. So some people may not like what is there.

Let me try again. Here's my video clip

21. Podcasting
Podcasts are good, especially when you can't be bothered reading. I prefer visual information and seeing or hearing someone tell you about something is better than trying to concentrate properly. I think this would be great for training purposes, just like we are learning now. You can find podcasts on just about anything which is great. I guess the speed of your computer plays a big part(i hate when it buffers and you miss half the words)

22. Netlibrary

I had an account with net library awhile ago when we were apart of mc2(what happened to that?) Anyway i joined up again and had a look around. My eyes are getting sore from looking at the screen all the time. I prefer reading from a book, but once again this site provides great information if you do want to listen to an ebook. You can also print out sheets if you need to. This is handy for teaching classes and for leisure purposes. I could see myself using this to learn about programs but as for listening to a novel, i'll take the printed version anyday.

23. The end to a new begining

Well here i am, the last 'thing', so far it's been a great learning experience, i have come up with some great ideas for my training class and learnt about a few sites that i could use personally and that could be used in the library. I didn't know there was so much out there on the internet. I can now add this to my lifelong learning experience and i hope to be able to share my findings with others.

Can't wait for the new list of 'things' :)

This is great, first we had to bring our storage tools(floppy, usb,cd) now all we have to do is save online. The bad thing is when the internet is not working but otherwise a great idea. Here are some other ones i have found.I havn't tried them all but it's worth looking at, especially if you find something useful. Sharing is caring :)

19. web 2.0 awards

I had a look at the list and there are a few that i knew about(from this program and from before) but i think the list itself is great. There are so many sites you can visit and then save to your favourites. As a trainer i think this will come in handy to see what's around and what are the best so i can share my info with others.

16. wikipedia
I new about wikis but i didn't realise how great this site could be for information enquiries. I am a big google fan and go there for any information, but after looking at wikis i found that some information i couldnt find in google i found in wikis. I guess with everything on the net you have to be careful with whats true or false but i think it's a great start. I just have to get into the habit of searching in more than one place.

17. pbwiki
I did register for pbwiki but i havn't added anything, but i did put my name on the list on the plcmc pb wiki :), i see a few others have as well so i know im doing something right hehe.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


13. what's with the site names. sounds like a cooking site. Anyways, ive set up my account with them and added a few tags.
My tags.

I have used a few sites to tag my favourties and they all have good things and bad things. Maybe i should make my own site with all the good things put together.
As with, is also a good site to tag your sites. Both of them have the option to view what others have tagged, this is great to find sites on specific topics. Delicious has the option to add a toolbar to your browser which makes saving much easier and quicker.

14. Technorati is great for finding blogs that write about what your interested in. it's fun to see what others are writing. I had fun trying some different topics, my hobbies or music interests etc. Great for us internet trainers at YPRL to get some ideas from other people.Think outside the square. hehe
Technorati Profile

15.I have read all the articles and i think that libraries are changing in the way they deliver information. They all mention good points about web2.0 and the furture of providing information. I think that the way a library used to be percieved will change and that the future will make it an information resource centre rather than a place where only geeky nerds go. (not my opinion, but many young people still think that of libraries.) Although Lalor library seems to be the place to be these days.