Thursday, October 19, 2006


10. Image generators! This is fun. Its amazing what you can find on the internet. With these generators you could make b'day cards , invitations and lots of other things, even use them for scrapblogging hehe ;)
With my images i found a site on the internet that lists heapsssss of image generators. Click here to view site. The trading card and magazine cover was also done with an image generator. Even Mizz Librarian herself was made up from scratch :)

11. Library thing
This could be usefull for cataloguing my own books at home(if i had the time). I think this site is good for making a list of all the books you want to read(online holds list) Another idea is to list all the books you have read, depending on what titles they have on the sytstem.
My list of books. Ive only put 5 down but i'll keep adding more. Another good thing about library thing, you can see who else has the same books on their list and you can search other peoples catalogue. Cool hey!

12. Rollyo Sounds like some sort of rap artist or song hehe.Anyway..... This site is pretty much like having your own personal Google. For instance if you want to search for sites to do with scrapbooking, you can make your own search string and add on sites. If someone else searches for this your search string will come up and they can add that to their rollyo search.
To be honest it all sounds confusing, well to me is does but once you create your account and start playing around with rollyo you will get the hang of it. I guess to me it's like having google and bookmarks all in one account.

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miss rogue said...

Cool! Thanks for pointing that out!