Wednesday, November 01, 2006


13. what's with the site names. sounds like a cooking site. Anyways, ive set up my account with them and added a few tags.
My tags.

I have used a few sites to tag my favourties and they all have good things and bad things. Maybe i should make my own site with all the good things put together.
As with, is also a good site to tag your sites. Both of them have the option to view what others have tagged, this is great to find sites on specific topics. Delicious has the option to add a toolbar to your browser which makes saving much easier and quicker.

14. Technorati is great for finding blogs that write about what your interested in. it's fun to see what others are writing. I had fun trying some different topics, my hobbies or music interests etc. Great for us internet trainers at YPRL to get some ideas from other people.Think outside the square. hehe
Technorati Profile

15.I have read all the articles and i think that libraries are changing in the way they deliver information. They all mention good points about web2.0 and the furture of providing information. I think that the way a library used to be percieved will change and that the future will make it an information resource centre rather than a place where only geeky nerds go. (not my opinion, but many young people still think that of libraries.) Although Lalor library seems to be the place to be these days.

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Suz, queen geek said...

Helo, MissLibrarian, love your blog, it's pretty pink!

You have found some cool things on the web, especially scrapblogging :)